We are working with Cycling UK to provide several free led group rides for anyone who wishes to take part in some cycling fun. If you wish to take part please reserve a free ticket on the Eventbrite page.

These rides are suitable for everyone as the pace is slow and there will be plenty of stops on the way. We'll also stop for a rest and to buy refreshments at our destination and once we have finished (optional).

Do you:

We have limited free cycle hire available through Russell's Bicycle Shed for those who need a bike.

What's the catch?

All Cycling UK want in return is your contact information so they can send you 2 short surveys. The more people who complete the survey, the more funding they get, and the more free events they can sponsor!

When are the events?

The event dates are on the poster along with the start and end times.

Start location

All of our rides start and finish at Russell's Bicycle Shed,

92 Burton Road,



S3 8DA


What's the difference between these and your usual tours?

My usual tours are guided tours which have lots of stops where I tell stories about Sheffield history and culture. These led group rides are for people to enjoy riding around Sheffield. There will still be stops, but they'll be for people to catch their breath and to enjoy social opportunities.

What should I bring?

The most important thing to bring is clothing that you feel comfortable cycling in that is appropriate for the weather. You may also wish to bring some money in case you wish to purchase refreshments on route. Snacks, water, sunglasses and a camera are also recommended.

Should I wear a helmet?

It isn't against the law to not wear a helmet but we strongly advise it. Great care has been taken to plan routes to avoid traffic but even professional riders occasionally fall off their bikes! Your group leader will always wear a helmet.

Can children join the ride?

Children who can ride their own bikes must be at least 12 years old. They must have one-to-one adult supervision at all times and must be confident enough to ride in a group and on roads. Please contact us if you want route details. We don't collect personal data from children.

Do I need to bring anything when hiring a bicycle?

Yes. In order to collect the bikes from Russell's Bicycle Shed, you'll need to bring a physical payment card and photo ID. The bike hire fee will by paid for by Cycling UK.

What about bad weather?

A bit of rain or drizzle is almost guaranteed in the UK! Please check the forecast before you set off. Should the weather get too extreme then we may need to cancel.

What happens if I have a mechanical problem on route?

Depending on the severity of the mechanical issue, your leader may be able to assist you in repairing your bike. Your leader always brings a range of tools to help with minor bike issues. Please make sure that your bike is safe to use and in good working order.

I've not ridden a bike before, can I take part?

This is a 'Led ride event' which assumes a basic level of cycling proficiency. Should you wish to learn how to ride then please look out for 'Learn to ride events' which are also part of the Big Bike Revival.

Can I park on Burton Road?

Yes, I believe there is free parking during the events but please check the signage when you park.

Are you insured?

Yes, we have full public liability insurance.

Are you a first aider?

Yes, I have completed an "Emergency First Aid at Work" training course and have a valid certificate.