Suffragette Tour

In 1851 the Sheffield Women’s Political Association was formed not far from Sheffield Cathedral. This was the first women's suffrage organisation in the UK and the birth of the movement. It started with a sternly worded letter to the House of Lords; escalated to riots and postbox bombings and finally ended nearly 80 years later with women earning full voting rights.

This history tour focusses the events that took place in Sheffield and how it helped the national movement to improve women's rights.

Key statistics

Start location

This route starts at Love Square on Bridge Street near the Sheffield Crown Court. The tour finishes at Weston Park but we will happily escort you back to the start point if required.


How many stops are there?

There are between 10-15 stops on the tour. Most are very close together.

Can I bring children?

Yes. Any child who is capable of riding their own bike is welcome providing they have one-to-one adult supervision at all times and must be confident enough to ride on quiet roads.

Children who cannot ride can come too! We have an Urban Arrow Family that we can bring. It can carry two children aged 2-9 or a single older child. No extra charge for kids under 12. Unfortunately babies require a special seat attachment which we do not have. You are always welcome to carry your own children using any equipment that you bring.

Can I go inside the buildings on the tour?

Unfortunately not. None of the buildings we be talking about are open to the public.

Do I need to bring anything extra when hiring bikes?

Yes. In order to collect the bikes from Russell's Bicycle Shed, you'll need to bring a payment card and photo ID. The bike hire fee is paid on collection.

Can I be a passenger in your bike?

Yes. The Urban Arrow Family is very spacious! Unfortunately there is an upper limit of 90kg for the passenger. We'll provide a helmet for you to wear so you only need to wrap up warm. It is an exhilarating way to get around!

Can I stop for lunch?

No problem! We can schedule in a lunch stop. We won't charge you for the extra time.

Can I get refreshments on the way?

Yes, there are several great coffee shops on route. Just ask your guide!

Are there toilets on route?

Yes, there are a couple of stops with toilets nearby. The guide will mention the toilets at these stops.

Could I do this as a walking tour?

Yes, if you book a private tour then we can discuss how far you'd like to walk so we can plan a new route to cover as many stops as possible and then we can just talk about the rest.